So the “Grand Puba” has spoken!


Obama thinks that he can wave his magic wand and make everything better, at least until after the elections.  It is so funny to see the squirming among the Democrats today.  They can’t believe that the insurance companies would cancel policies that the law THEY created told them to cancel.  How sad is that?  The Puba himself two weeks ago said just get a new policy off of the exchange, you’ll love it!  Then those dreaded poll numbers came out.  It seems that the Democrats and the President seem to have lost their base.  Let me explain how that happened.  Their base seems to think that they were the ones getting the free healthcare, gotcha!  They thought that universal healthcare would be cheaper because the government is paying for it, gotcha!  Wait until they realize that the subsidies that they are in the form of tax credits, gotcha!  I will get to keep the plan that I like, gotcha!  I will get to keep my doctor, GOTCHA!

Riddle me this, has anyone seen any doctors on the site?  Has anyone seen any doctors that they can choose on site?  Has anybody seen any doctors on the insurance sites that they can choose after signing up for Obamacare?  (SPOILER ALERT!!!)  The answer is emphatically NO!  The insurance companies don’t know which doctors to put out there for people to choose because they can’t find doctors willing to accept the payment terms of Obamacare.  We already know that the major hospitals have opted out of the Obamacare system as well as three-quarters of the doctors polled.  That leaves 25% of the doctors willing to accept Obamacare terms but no one knows how many patients they can accept.  How many times have you tried to select a doctor from your insurance plan and seen, “Not accepting new patients?”  Guess what is going to get extremely worse?

What we have seen is only the effects of the 5.5 million policies that have been canceled so far.  It is estimated that the number of cancellations will exceed between ten and fifteen million policies.  Now the average policy, let’s say, has three people covered on it.  That will be between 30 – 45 MILLION people losing their health insurance coverage because of Obamacare.  That is strictly from the individual market.  Now why would you think that the Puba delayed the business portion of this law for one year?  Could it be that maybe it might just hurt the Democrats in the next election?  The business group policy are set to turn 100’s of millions of people over to the healthcare exchanges by canceling the group policies that are currently in place.  They have to because they don’t meet the minimum standards for Pubacare.  They will have no choice.  Costs are expected to rise significantly and worse than any of this, they all knew.  They all knew when they passed this debacle that this was going to happen.

Now, the “Grand Puba” is in a “Grand Pickle.”  His staunch left-wing is falling away.  His minions are beginning to feel the punch in their wallets.  And as for the promise of Better, More Affordable Health Coverage, would there be this much uproar if it were actually cheaper?  No, there would not be the backlash that is out there at the moment.  The problem is that this was only supposed to affect the rich white conservatives, GOTCHA!!!