Finding ways to overcome fears is not easy.  Some of the returning soldiers turned to alcohol or drugs.  Many turned to extreme sports such as martial arts, skydiving, racing, or fighting.  Some were trying to use things to forget about the pain, some were trying to find ways to mask it with adrenaline.  A few turned to writing.

Whichever way they chose, it didn’t always work

I close my eyes
As the pen touches the paper
My hand holds the pen
But I control neither

My mind is on vacation
Letting all of my worries free
As for the places it will go
That choice is not up to me

Some journeys are long
And the places serene
Some journeys are quick
Powerful and mean

I’ll come back with a smile
Or maybe eyes filled with tears
From those dark haunting places
That holds all the fears

And as I return
From my journey afar
The pen is still there
But being held with my heart