As I sit today and reflect on the mass shooting in Orlando and the response from our President and his party, I am beyond disgusted. We now know that the gunman was an ISIS affiliate. We know this because both he and ISIS confirmed it through the 911 call and the media respectively. We know that he was an Islamic Terrorists from the so-called Junior Varsity.  Yet the leader of the United States of America codemns our laws as the culprit behind this barbaric act of violence and hatred.

My problem is not with Muslims. I have and will continue to befriend many Muslims. My problem is that thanks to Edward Snowden, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the ignorant people of this country who took a great program of surveillance and weakened a great nation. For those of you who I am about to offend, I am not at all sorry. I do not have to apologize for hurting your feelings, it is my right. I do not have to feel guilty about the way that I voice my disdain for the weakening of our protective systems, you should for what you have caused.

Despite what most of my friends think, Muslims are a peaceful people. However, there are radicals and those radicals should be condemned from the rooftops by ALL practicing Muslims so that the American people can see that you do not believe in the nonsense that these radicals spew. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Just as Baptists preachers do not actively condemn radicals such as Westboro Baptist and their band of radicals. We just assume that people know that those people are not representative of the Baptist faith. Even my Muslim friends do not actively speak out against the hate spewed and the actions taken by these radicals of their faith. They feel as though since we know them we know that they do not have the same ignorant beliefs, and we do know this. However their leaders should be on every news channel condemning these actions. Be vocal, be strong.

As Americans, we love to love our neighbors and our friends. We respect diversity. As a Baptist, I will probably be shunned but I don’t care, I respect my friends and neighbors who are homosexual. God loves all of his children, not just your friends and your neighbors. To take up arms against your own countrymen because of their sexual orientation is disgusting, it is perverted, and it is radical. This man used a religion as an excuse to slaughter dozens of people for what, for Allah? I can’t imagine any god or deity that would wish to act in this manner. I would certainly not want to meet this person in the afterlife and spend eternity with them.

It is past time for our President and the rest of the liberal left to quit blaming these attacks on guns and start attacking the real reason behind this terror effort and that is RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST! Instead of talking about gun control they should be talking about gun classes. Be prepared to face these radicals with all you have and not rely on waiting for the police to show up and save you because their hands are tied as well.

Today, as all days, I pray for peace. I pray that God will comfort the victims of this ludicrous action and that he will provide peace for their families. I pray that if I am ever caught in a situation such as this that I will have the means to defend myself and my friends. I pray for our country and our leaders so that they can stop defending and start preparing for the world that we live in today. Preparing our citizens and the world to stand up against this evil that is now in our living room. I not only pray for Orlando, I pray for the world.