Regardless of your views of the President, you are now in more danger than you have ever been in your life! Starting on May 31, 2014 Americans are now known the world over as hostages. We are now the bargaining chip for terrorists around the world.


President Obama broke the law once again by releasing five Guantanamo detainees without the knowledge and consent of Congress. The law that he himself signed states very plainly that Congress is to be notified at least thirty days ahead of any prisoner release from Guantanamo Bay. The administration informed Congress that something may happen at some time. They did not say that They were going to release anyone. They did not say that they were negotiating with terrorists. They did not say we are going to change the rules that America has had for over two hundred years that we WIL NOT negotiate with terrorists. They simply said very vaguely that something might happen.

This man, quite possibly a deserter, left his post willingly according to soldiers from his own platoon. His father is a known Muslim extremist’s supporter. Yet we released into the world five KNOWN terrorists for his release. This President is intent on closing Guantanamo even though he agreed with Congress that he would not. Now he is trying to circumvent the Constitution once again for his own beliefs. By doing this, our President, our Commander in Chief, our constitutional lawyer has told the world take them and we will surrender to you for their release.

Yes today is a very sad day in America. Remember this day. Remember this you supporters who would not listen to reason because you wanted to prove a point.  Remember this day as we start to see Americans being taken around the globe for the benefit of getting fellow terrorist released. Remember this day when we see terrorist taking American children so that we bow before them in humiliation. Remember what it cost to have someone in the Oval Office that has no respect for the Constitution. Remember the cost of putting a man in office just because he was black. Remember the cost of putting a man who refused to prove his citizenship in the highest office in our nation.

Yes remember the day when America was traded for a traitor.