The juice from the fruit covers his face

The sweet nectar locked in his hairs

He has hungered for ages it seems

He gorges himself so as to never forget

He knows he must travel forward

So he takes a deep breath and begins his journey

As he climbs from the tightness of the ravine he stops

He kisses his path as he travels

Life has taught him that the path will not always be there

So as he leaves the forest he hesitates

One more taste of fruit before the transition

The valley plateaus to a barren landscape

Arching almost aching to be traveled

Flattened, smooth and glistening, a place to rest

A small pool in the distance a taste

Just enough wetness to tease the lips

A saltiness fills the air and the pool

Leaving a thirst that can’t be quenched

And a hunger that pushes him on

Eventually moving forward as the path shifts

To the foot of the mountains

Ascending into the heavens almost floating

The climb is excruciatingly slow

Spending time exploring every inch of the climb

Once at the summit the air is thin

The breathing becomes more difficult

The glory of the peak commands attention

Before descending towards the cliffs below

The climb is slow and methodical, never a rush

He finds the path that leads to a crevice

Filled with flowers and sweetness

He could be lost here forever and not care

His eyes are closed as he fights his way free

And as he opens his eyes he sees what he has longed for

He stares into the deep pools of blue

Knowing that he has finished the journey

Knowing that the journey has not yet begun

Knowing that the journey will never end

Knowing that he has made it home

Wanting to be lost in the wilderness again