Heaven opened up and let three angels drift down into my empty existence.  As the days passed and the years flew by I was given the opportunity that most only ever dreamed of.  I have made many mistakes in my life and have paid dearly for them.  However, I have been blessed with the gift of love.  My wife and two wonderful children have turned me around into a semi-decent person.  I feel truly blessed and thank God everyday for the gifts in my life.

You should also.

The dawns light passes through the window pane
Pull the shade, so their sleep they maintain
Two blonde angels lying dreaming in slumber
Wake up to amazement, newness, and wonder
They come rushing in and fly through the air
Landing on the angel with the pretty red hair
Time to wake up and enjoy our dream
A chance to listen to the little ones sing
Heavenly voices make the morning air quake
Their mother joins in our senses awake
Voices so high as to touch the clouds
Running and laughing and singing aloud
Playing dress up with their dolls and toys
Allowing us to sit and enjoy the noise
Chasing their puppy and making him bark
We’ll gather up now and go to the park
Tiny little things spread their angel wings
Playing with grandpa, while we set on a swing
We’ll run and we’ll play, we’ll swing and we’ll bound
We’ll push the angels on the merry-go-round
The red sun is setting and hanging low
It’s time to tell Grandpa, that it’s time to go
Saying our prayers as we tuck them in bed
Kissing goodnight their pretty blonde heads
Four blue and two green, three angels I see
With the mother in red growing old with me