Sometimes in life giving up seems to be the only answer.  Things would be so much better if only I were gone.  We all know this to be untrue, however sometimes the demons push us farther and farther into the darkness and we get lost.  We turn the corners and there are walls.  Every turn a wall.  Panic overcomes us and we have to leave, but how?  How do we turn on a light?  How can we get over the walls?

Help me!

The air is sucked out
Gasping, begging for life
The pain is all over
It cuts like a knife

Relief only comes with pain
Hurt the only answer
Both equal happiness
Both equal failures

The walls close in
The waters rise
The vultures circle
The angels cry

Please give me air
Please let me stay
I’ll take the hurt
I’ll take the pain

Can I breathe under water
Can I live without air
Can I hold up the walls
How long do I care

If I get out of the room
What will I do
Which way do I turn
It’s all up to you

No pressure intended
No pleasure allowed
See how it works
Breathe in Breathe out

Oh no! I can’t
Light-headed and weak
I think I’m awake
I pray I’m sleep

There is a light
A glimmer of hope
The only way out
The end of a rope

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