Waiting and wishing for the love that is gone.  But was that love ever there?  In your eyes it was.  However they were only there for the moment.  They can bounce from life to life as if everything is perfect.  You need a life of honesty which will never be able to be accomplished with them.  If they could be with you, under the circumstances, they could be with anyone.  However, that does not change the hurting inside.  Please come back!

It’s my dream, leave me alone

Vacation on the beach
Away from the scene
Brings solace for some
Brings sadness to me

Three days away
Will put things back
Forget all that happened
Like trash in a bag

But the trash is still breathing
The bag is not tied
She still hears it speaking
She knows they’re not lies

I’d feel bad if I hadn’t
I’d feel worse if I did
I want her to know
As she shuts the lid

My words were all true
There was never a lie
I can be dumped away
But love will not die

I’ll stay out-of-the-way
I’ll lie in this pile
I’ll never forget
I’ll still have her smile

Directions to the dump
Are there to be seen
Whenever she’s ready
Whenever she’s free