Decisions have to be made.  Sometimes the obvious choice is not the right choice.  Sometimes we have to go the politically correct way although it rips us apart.  We do things for our family that we know is the wrong choice.  However you made a choice in choosing a family.  Live up to the expectations set by your ancestors.  Be the person they would want you to be.  Most important be the person that you want to be.  Walk carefully though, because the choice you make will forever change lives.

Sometimes footprints don’t wash away

High upon on the mountain top
You can see it all
Hold tightly to the safety line
And pray that you don’t fall

The air is clear and crisp up here
But the clouds are rolling in
Time to make a decision love
Continue up, or go back down again

Tougher choices can’t be found
Tears fill those pretty eyes
Lives hang in the balance now
Where does your will lie

The wind, the words of others
Try and sway you to their side
Some say give into your dreams
Some say you must subside

Some say the peak is a brutal place
Winds cover the sounds of reason
Some prey upon your weaknesses
To shield you from the season

Some tell you to march forward
Bust through the legends and myths
And realize that happiness
Is one of God’s greatest gifts

To be happy in the future
Will be determined with what you do
Adaptability, the strength of angels
Will give you courage too

No one is going to hurt you
Whichever way that you go
So make your choices wisely
Because only you can know

Do you want to live each day
Enjoying the fruits of life
Or do you want to simply exist
Until the end of life

Write your name upon the placard
Let them know that you once came
But did you march on to the top
Or go back down in shame