Patience is definitely not your best suit.  Why are you waiting for them?  What could you possibly see that would make you think that passing by all other opportunities put in front of you makes sense?  Was it that special?  was it that special for both of you, or just you?  Do they know that you are waiting?  Do they care?  How do you know?  They don’t talk to you.  They don’t acknowledge you.  Maybe you need to take a deeper look at the reasons you are waiting.

No thank you, I’ll wait

The hardest thing you’ve ever had to do is wait
Waiting for the unknown, the maybe, the maybe not
Controlling the anxiousness that will inevitably be there
Understanding the reasons behind what has to be done
Taking into account the pains of the other person
The frustrations that they must be going through
The confusion that is driving them to the brink daily
Backing up and saying you’re sorry, and that you understand
Letting them know that if they need you, you’ll be there
And if they need you to remain unseen, you will
Wanting to know, yet understanding that you can’t
Wanting to hold, with nothing to hold on to
Needing to see them, a glimpse at times
Without the appearance of being needy
Although needy is sometimes what you feel like
Neediness has never been a weakness, another test
Knowing which words can and can’t be said
Caring so much as to not say the words that mean the most
Understanding enough to know that those words need not be said
Patience is not your best suit, although it needs to be
Time of course, is the worst enemy you’ve ever faced
Testing and agitating you to the point of destruction
Small things, simple words could ruin everything
Trying not to change them through this process
Trying not to change you during this time
Knowing that you fell in love with that person as they were
Knowing that they loved you for who you were
Understanding that time has changed factors that neither control
And that patience is the only way for things to right themselves
Continuing to smile although not wanting to at times
Keeping the appearance of sanity while going insane
Controlling all of the emotions that rain down upon you
Knowing that those same emotions are pelting them also
Painful and unyielding, from multiple fronts
The questions go unanswered, the heartache only grows
The rewards, if to be, will be beyond compare
The risks, as always, will be overwhelming
One must attempt to salvage the ship, before jumping overboard
But knowing that you have a raft should be of comfort
Wondering how long the raft can stand the tides, a question
Believing that the raft will stay forever, a mistake
Remembering that occasionally you will need to re-inflate the raft
And that will keep it afloat through the wind and the rain
Also understanding that if the raft is no longer needed, let someone else use it
Possibly save another life, since yours was spared
Waiting, wondering, hoping, praying, yet understanding
Waiting in the water, by the ship in the storm
You must wait, patiently, without questioning, without limits
You wait