God is as white as the snow that falls and lands on the tip of my tongue.  So pure and perfect yet so remarkably dissimilar to anything else ever created.

God is as brown as the dirt falling through the farmer’s hands.  So full of goodness and nutrients to feed a troubled soul and bring life to the hearts of man.

God is as yellow as the sun lighting my way down what once was a dark and lonely road.  So much warmth and light he can repair a tattered and darkened soul.

God is as red as a rose glistening in the morning dew.  So stunning is the beauty that it captures our eyes and our hearts and places love on our lips.

God is as black as the night that envelopes all.  So quiet is the darkness yet powerful while awakening our senses to the beauty that is all around us.

God is as orange as the leaves that turn in the fall.  So special is the fact that, like the leaves, he gives all of us the opportunity to change as our seasons pass.

God is as blue as the oceans bluest waters.  So expanse is his love for us as he proves that even in the darkest deepest regions of our soul, there is life through him.

God is as green as the leaf showing itself from the seed for the first time.  So like a child in that it is new and tender and so ready to grow and reach to the heavens.

God is as a rainbow showing that many colors can be as one.  So stunning and far-reaching that the end is never found and the beginning is always at your feet.

God is colorless like the air that we breathe.  So life changing that even unseen he can bring us life and without him we will surely die.