My wife is my life.  For twenty-five years we have shared a name and a life.  We have had two beautiful children and now have another angel to grace our lives.  I can’t express in words enough for everyone who reads this to know how much my wife means to me.  She is my rock and my way.  She is my night and my day.  We have grown so closely together that she is me and I am her.  We are one.

Happy Anniversary Cheryl

Each year as the leaves fall I think of you

Our love is as crisp and clear as the fall air

Never a worry that it is untrue

When it blows we get chills

We search each other out for comfort and warmth

We wrap each other with strength and humility

Our worries are the leaves falling from the trees

Once shaken from the limbs, forgotten

They are to be trampled to mulch

Until they grow flowers that bloom

And brighten our garden of love

Our views are from the clouds

We see everything as it should be

We know where we are going

The journey has never changed

Although the path has taken detours

Our hands have never parted

Our feet always in step

Our children light our life like the sun

Their rays of love help us to grow

The warmth of their hearts keeps us warm

Although we get burnt occasionally

We need the sun to survive

On these cold fall days

As the leaves fall to the ground

I think of you