Sometimes natures beauty is just the reminder that can start the ball rolling that brings you to the brink of insanity.  Sometimes the sights and sounds just can’t be turned off even after you go to sleep.  Sometimes you want it all to go away so that you can start over and not feel the pain of a life lost.

Nature is so beautiful and yet can be so ugly

The bird’s song is playing too loud

Such beautiful sounds haunt me

Her sighs, her moans, her laughter

It’s overpowering my thoughts

Its beauty is frightening

So many colors so many thoughts

Her eyes, her hair, her skin

My eyelids serve no purpose

Closed or open I still see

Its beak so damaging

It tears at my heart

It plucks at my eyes

It steals my sounds

Such a sweet voice

Such hurtful words

It’s perched on every branch

On every wire

In the confines of my home

In the confines of my mind

I dream of a day with no birds