Write or Wrong

Writing brings relief to a troubled soul.  It soothes the aching heart.  Writing takes you to places far away from reality and allows you to sing, dance, and just be happy.  It can also take you to the places that you did not want to go.  Places that pull you in and make you aware of your surroundings.  Writing pulls emotions out of you that are scary and strange.  Writing is a window to where you may not necessarily want to go, but a window to a place where you need to go.

It subside
I write to occupy my mind
It is content
I write to reflect
It is beautiful
I write to understand
It helps
I write

I wonder why
I wonder if
I wonder why
I wonder how
I wonder why
I write

Please answer my questions
Please fill the void
Please restrict my emotions
Please tell me why
I write

Candy for the kids
Food for the dog
Gas for the car
Paper for the mind
I write

I write

But then I finish

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